Lifelong experience and the knowledge how to do better.

The new regulation sets the bar for medical devices even higher. This is why it’s worthwhile to add something on top of expertise and the experience in life cycle management.

Device25 incorporates life-long experience in the field of medical device management. From Switzerland and around the world.

We share a common goal: to bring the value of your device to the market and stay ahead of the competition.


Device25 digital

Successful life cycle management is based on data accuracy and security. We therefore work fully digital. This means you have access to your data at all times and we are always available for you: free from time and space.


Device25 network

The world’s largest network of medical device specialists and physicians guarantees that even complex cases are planned and implemented with expertise and foresight. We are happy to share our network with you. 


Device25 real world data

We think in solutions. These start with the right question. And in life cycle management, these questions have consequences and can drag on for decades. Our life cycle approach gives you an insight into our expertise. 

Martin Schuler
Martin SchulerChief Executive Officer
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We have already validated and successfully launched several products through our global network of physicians. We are happy to give you access to the largest network of physicians worldwide.