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We know the world’s key opinion leaders in the medical device industry personally. And we have access to the world’s largest network of surgeons.  

Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

  • The leading surgeons in their fields
  • Elite clinical researchers
  • Influencers in the medical device industry 

Around the globe

  • Worldwide network 
  • Especially strong in Europe and North America
  • Selected KOLs in South America, Asia and the Middle East 


  • Provide in-depth intelligence
  • Counsel on trends and innovations
  • Support product development 
  • Support in training and education
  • Perform clinical trials; act as principal investigators
  • Participate in expert panels 
  • Serve as advisors and advocates 

We have access to key opinion leaders

In all treatment areas

Throughout the life cycle management of a product 

In clinical evidence generation

Andreas Fäh
Andreas FähChief Business Development Officer
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Collaborations are fully in line with local laws and regulations.


The NematX case
Technology development for medical applications

NematX is a Swiss startup company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), specialized in additive manufacturing


NematX approached us as they wished to enter the medical device market with their technology. They were lacking the know-how and insight in this area. 



Development of a concept paper that allows for strategic decision making to enter the medical device market with subsequent kick-off of the collaboration project to develop a medical device 

Dr. Raphael Heeb
Dr. Raphael HeebCEO of NematX
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Having a revolutionary additive manufacturing technology developed, we identified the medical devidce field as an attractive target market. Device25 has greatly familiarized us with the medtech industry and suggested thereapeutic areas to focus on according to our USPs. We are now in the process of developing unique 3D printed medical devices in close collaboration with Device25.

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