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Expert assessments are part of every good strategy. With the new medical device regulation they become indispensable.

Make sure your devices and processes are ready for the new MDR

Our unique and proven assessment enables you to find out reliably and efficiently whether your medical devices and your processes comply with the new regulation. After just one day you will receive a written report that will serve as a sound guideline for subsequent decision-making.

Expert assessments are profitable throughout the life cycle of a medical device.


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The assessment day includes the preparation, implementation of the workshop and a written report.

CHF 3’500.—*

*Price is valid for one medical device or up to three processes. Price excluding VAT.


Gap analysis for 41medical

A Swiss company that develops and produces solutions for the human musculoskeletal system.


Perform a gap analysis on their post-market surveillance (PMS) system regarding the MDR compliance.



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