Our approach.

20 years of rethinking life-cycle management. 

The new MDR is a blessing. Not for everyone. But certainly for those companies that want to increase the impact of their medical devices on the market. 

Device25’s approach started many years ago, when the company’s founders realised that medical devices must be managed holistically using a proven life cycle approach. With the introduction of the new medical device regulation, this approach has gained in importance and taken shape in recent years. It has been co-developed, tested and verified by the best surgeons worldwide. 

From questions to birth

Device25 expertise

Throughout our careers we were confronted with similar questions and challenges. In discussions with industry stakeholders we were able to identify the following pain points and decided to offer solutions.

Pain points

Device25 market competitor analysis
  • Distressing MDR requirements and their impact on the life cycle of medical devices
  • Increasing administrative burden
  • Low level of digitalization
  • Perception of expensive, time-consuming and complex clinical evidence generation


Device25 pmcf follow up
  • Full life cycle care by experienced specialists – tailormade and cost-efficient
  • Hands-on expertise – from claim to market
  • Fully digital
  • Access to the world’s largest surgeon network for knowledge, advise and clinical research

Today and tomorrow

Switzerland has always been one of the most innovative countries in the world. And the new MDR offers agile companies the opportunity to better position themselves and their products — to set new standards and thus increase profitability. This is why we use our expertise for today and tomorrow. With good planning, fully digital processes and the know how from the world’s largest network of surgeons.