Performance monitoring.

Clinical evidence is the basis for the success of a product. Not marketing.

The new regulation truly offers the chance for any medtech company to gain market share or to position their device as the gold standard within the respective field.

Each medical device’s performance is measured with clinical evidence. Insufficient data or breaches of the new regulation can quickly lead to the loss of the CE mark or legal consequences. It is therefore worthwhile to identify neuralgic points early on and to constantly manage the entire life cycle.

Device25’s performance monitoring is comprehensive, but often focuses on post-market activities.

Post market clinical follow-up (PMCF)

Device25 market competitor analysis

While your medical device is on the market, we continuously collect and analyze patient data with focus on safety and performance. This guarantees continuous market success of your product.

Real-world data

Device25 real world data

We collect and analyze evidence obtained from real- world data. This is generated during routine clinical practice. This observational data obtained outside the context of randomized controlled trials supports the claim of your product.

Market and competitor analysis

Device25 pmcf follow up

For optimal product positioning we continuously analyze all relevant clinical data in relation to sales figures, competition and alternative products. It is essential to make a product become the gold standard.

Full-service performance monitoring solutions.

Clinical evidence is the basis for the success of a product. Not marketing.

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